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Great videos on how Google Apps Works!



Google Docs Explained

Google Apps Explained

Why google Apps for Education?


Google Apps provides your entire campus community - including students, faculty, staff, alumni - the tools they need to communicate and collaborate more effectively.

    • What is Google Apps for Education?

    • It is a specific grouping of applications tailored for use in schools.

    • These include:
    • StartPage
    • Calendar
    • Documents
    • Sites
    • Talk
    • Gmail


    • Provide email accounts to Students, Faculty, and Alumni
      (Email space is now over 7.0 gigs per user)
    • Provides collaborative technological skills students will need in the workplace.
    • Increase your email system storage
    • No more updating servers and patching spam filters
    • Focus your IT on activities that add value instead of worrying about the uptime of your email services.
    • 99.9% uptime reliability guarantee
    • Offered COMPLETELY FREE to educational instituitions, you only have to pay $8-10 A YEAR for a domain name (IE:www.yourschoolname.edu)
    • Google allows you to disable services you don't want to use

      No equipment required - Saves Money

      No email server
      No file server

      No backup server
      No need to block spam

      No software required - Saves Money

      No office suites to purchase (MS Office is certainly not free!)
      No security issues (hacked software, etc.)
      No compatibility issues (.doc vs .docx, Mac vs PC.)
      No maintenance (software installation, updating, troubleshooting)

      The only requirement is a computer with an internet connection

      Huge benefit - Everything is stored with Google and you don't lose valuable remaining server space.

      Saves money on ink and paper - Teachers can edit, correct and grade work without printing a single sheet of paper.

      There are absolutely no advertisements used with the Google Apps Education Edition.

      Users can create:
    • Documents, spreadsheets, surveys, quizzes, slideshows, websites, intranets, wikis, calendars, instant message groups and videoconferences

    • These creations can be shared with or edited by students, peers or parents… or kept entirely private

    • Students and teachers can log in anywhere/anytime to collaborate and communicate on homework, class assignments and/or projects

    Top 10 reasons to use Google Apps

Google Apps is 100% free for educational institutions.

Students love the ability to collaborate on documents and presentations on line on their own schedule on any available computer with internet access!


No More

I forgot my homework at home!
I lost my thumb drive!
The dog ATE it!

Google saves it all on their servers

Just login at any computer with internet access and start working


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